I started as the chairman of Mombasa Baptist association, then the national chairman of evangelism, the vice moderator of Baptist Convention of Kenya (BCOK) then the moderator of BCOK. I then became the ambassador of All Africa Baptist Fellowship (AABF)

Executive and a member of Baptist World Alliance (BWA). Now I am serving as the chairman of AABF Eastern Africa region which comprises of the following countries

  1. Somali
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Rwanda
  4. Burundi
  5. Southern Sudan
  6. Sudan
  7. Eritrea
  8. Kenya
  9. Uganda
  10. Tanzania
  11. Djibouti

I am also the chairman of Coast region Bishops working together with other bishops from various denominations to bring peace and unity.

Chairman of Mombasa Council of Elders and also national chairman of Inter-Religious Foundation of Kenya.

School of Ministry in partnership with Cape Town Seminary

Because of the urge to produce leaders with knowledge of the bible we had to start a school of ministry to avoid the confusion of misinterpretation of the scriptures and the word of God.

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Ushindi Baptist Church believe in preaching the right doctrine to all christians. All our team leaders ensure they lead others members by impacting on them the right teachings and the right doctrine.



It is the duty of church board to ensure the main church and all the branches and satellites churches are properly audited for smooth and clear operation of the church duties.


Ushindi Baptist Church continue to plant more churches in and outside Kenya. The Church has empowered many or its believers by preparing them to partake the blessing of running other churches


Jesus Christ was baptised in water and that is our source of inspiration and believe. Ushindi Baptist Members are baptised by water filled with the spirit of the holy christ. This is a sure way to true christian .