The Church

Ushindi Baptist Church was founded in 1983 at Mrima area of Likoni, Mombasa by senior pastor Bishop Joseph Maisha.

The church had an initial membership of eight people and was then situated in a makeshift “Makuti” structure. From the time Bishop Joseph Maisha received the call of the Lord, he has stood firm on the vision demonstrating this through words and deeds.

Many have been ministered to with the Gospel of salvation and both the life and destiny of many have changed. God’s vision through his servant Bishop Maisha has seen many projects pick up most of which have contributed majorly in the propagation of the gospel of the kingdom.

It is home to several young girls and boys who are supported and brought up by the church. These girls and boys, who may not have had hope are now well accommodated and taken care of within the church premises in both the girls and boys hostels. God has also used our church as a vessel through which many needy persons have received healing and provisions from God.

Ushindi Baptist Church has various ministries catering for the entire Ushindi Community. We have the children ministry, Mothers ministry, the teenagers ministry, the youth ministry, the young couples ministry, and the men’s ministry.



“………Go ye unto the world…” In 1983 God spoke to Bishop Joseph Maisha three times a day for three days about making disciples of all nations and to reach the unreached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was called to deliver those who are bound to heal the sick the lame and the blind he was also commissioned to the deaf and the dump, to the barren and to assist the needy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. At first, Bishop Joseph Maisha was employed with the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) but he had to resign in order to serve God better. God transformed him into what he wanted him to be. The old had gone the new had come. He later started assisting people in his house at WAITIKI by then and as the number of the believers multiplied, he asked God to grant him a place to build a foundation of Ushindi Baptist Church. And as the Bible says in Mathew 6:33 that  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


I started as the chairman of Mombasa Baptist association, then the national chairman of evangelism, the vice moderator of Baptist Convention of Kenya (BCOK) then the moderator of BCOK. I then became the ambassador of All Africa Baptist Fellowship (AABF)

Executive and a member of Baptist World Alliance (BWA). Now I am serving as the chairman of AABF Eastern Africa region which comprises of the following countries

Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

To evangelize, disciple, equip and commission people for positive impact on God’s work.

Vision and Objectives

The church shall plant churches throughout Kenya and outside Kenyan boarders to help build up
the body of Jesus Christ and help them in reaching the people within their area with the gospel of
Jesus Christ. The church will use the following means of operation to achieve its obligation:


Ushindi Baptist Church believe in preaching the right doctrine to all christians. All our team leaders ensure they lead others members by impacting on them the right teachings and the right doctrine.



It is the duty of church board to ensure the main church and all the branches and satellites churches are properly audited for smooth and clear operation of the church duties.


Ushindi Baptist Church continue to plant more churches in and outside Kenya. The Church has empowered many or its believers by preparing them to partake the blessing of running other churches


Jesus Christ was baptised in water and that is our source of inspiration and believe. Ushindi Baptist Members are baptised by water filled with the spirit of the holy christ. This is a sure way to true christian .